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Monday, May 28, 2012


Q 1: What is "A'maal Naamah"?
A. Allah Almighty has detailed some Angels to record deeds of humanbeings who record their good and bad actions. These Angels are called "Kiraaman Khaatebeen". Two angels accompany every man. One on his right side and the other on his left side. The right side angel records virtues and the left side angel writes down evils. This record of virtues and evils is called "A'maal Namah" (record of doings). In short, a complete record of our good deeds and misdeeds being maintained by the angels is "A'maal Naamah". On the Doomsday, everybody will be handed his "record of deeds". Pious will receive it with the right hand and sinners with the left hand. Infidels and disbelievers will be given from their behind after tearing their chest to pass their hands through their backs to hold their record of deeds to see for themselves that it is neither under-recorded nor over-recorded. Everyone will then realise that even the tiniest virtue and tiniest evil is recorded therein. Sinners will get frightened to see the record of their sins and infidels and disbelievers will be in extreme fear and trembling. Then good deeds and bad deeds of all will be weighed on "Meezaan" (balance).
Q 2: What is "Meezaan" and how will deeds be weighed on it?
A. Balance, pair of scales is called "Meezaan". The gist about "Meezaan" which will be installed on the Doomsday, explained by the Shari'ah is that it will have (two) scales and a pivot. Its each scale will be as much vast as is the space between the east and west. To inquire about more details as to what kind of Balance it will be or how will deeds be weighed thereon is not necessary, for, all such things are beyond our comprehension. The belief we have been taught to this effect is that "Meezaan" is the truth and that deeds of all mankind will be weighed on the Doomsday. Successful will be those whose deeds (done by the heart and body) will be heavy and losers will be those whose deeds' weight will be light. Some Muslim scholars maintain that deeds of every man are written according to their weight. (For example), the work which is done with sincerity, devotion as per the command of Shari'ah and on time carries more weight than the same work done for pomp and show not in harmony with Shari'ah and untimely. How big a deed may be but it is nothing in the sight of Allah unless it is done with the spirit of Islamic faith and sincerity. The record of deeds or sheets of actions in which good and bad words and deeds of mankind are entered will be weighed in the next world. It is also possible that the virtues may be turned into some beautiful shape or body and evils changed into any disgusting shape or body and then these bodies may be weighed.
Q 3: What type of reckoning will be there?
A. There will be different kinds of reckoning, (For instance), some body will be called to account for his doings secretly who will admit all his sins and expect chastisement. But Allah, the Most Beneficent, will absolve him saying: "I hid your failings in the world and now I forgive you". Someone will be brought to book strictly and thus he will ruin. Somebody will be questioned reminding of Divine favours to him. Allah will ask him "Did you ever think of meeting Me? He will reply in the negative. Allah Almighty will say: "you did not remember Me in the world so We leave you in torment here". There will be some infidels and disbelievers who will, on being reminded of Allah's favours, claim that they were believers in the world and used to observe prayer, fast, propitiatory offerings, charity and other good deeds. On this, Allah Almighty will command "let the witnesses be produced". Then their tongues will be sealed and their limbs will be ordered to speak. Their parts of the bodies i.e. hands, feet, thighs, flesh, bones etc. all will testify that they committed such and such sins. They will be consigned to hell.
Some believers will be provided with their sheets of actions to see their obedience and disobedience for themselves. They will be rewarded on obedience and virtues and their disobedience and sins will be over-looked i.e. will not be called to account for each and every sin and failing. An Ummati (bond slave) of the Holy Prophet will be brought whose record will be full of sins except for a single good. He will be asked: "do you have any excuse for the bad record"? He will reply in the negative. Then a piece of paper containing "Kalimah Shahaadat" (the code of Evidence) will be taken out from his record of deeds and put in one scale of the balance and all his sins in the other which will outweigh his bad record. The Holy Prophet will get innumerable believers admitted into heavens without any reckoning. The believers who are punctual in offering "Tahajjud" (late mid-night supererogatory prayer) will also be admitted into paradise without any reckoning. In brief, the mercy of Allah Almighty is infinite which seeks excuse to pardon His servants. So a little goodness may become the cause of absolution.
Q 4: How many kinds of people will be there on the Doomsday?
A. Mankind will be divided into three groups i.e. there will be three kinds of people on the Doomsday: (1). Inmates of hell,(2). Common paradise-dwellers and (3). Chosen and prominent paradise-dwellers who will abide in the highest compartments of paradise. The inmates of hell, whom the Holy Quran terms as "As-haabush Shimaal" and who were brought forth from the left ribs of Prophet Adam at the time of "Meesaaq" (covenant), will be made to stand on the left side of the empyrean. Their sheets of actions will be given to them in their left hands and angels will catch hold of them from the left side. They will be cursed and damned beyond limit. The common paradise-dwellers whom the Holy Quran describes as "As-haabul Yameen" and who were brought forth from the right ribs of Prophet Adam at the time of covenant, will be made to stand on the right side of the throne. Their sheets of actions will be given to them in their right hands and angels will take and lead them from the right side. They will be the blessed and fortunate ones on that day and their joy will know no bounds. The Holy Prophet Hadrat Muhammad Mustafa (may Allah's choicest blessings & peace be upon him) had observed the same two groups on the Night of Ascension (Me'raaj) that Prophet Adam expressed his delight when looked towards his right side and became dismal when looked towards his left side.
The chosen and prominent servants of Allah, whom the Holy Quran regards as "Saabayqoon" will transcend all in gaining blessings, favours, grades and proximity to Allah. It is reported in an Hadees that there will be 120 rows of mankind on the Day of Resurrection. Of which eighty will be of this blessed Ummah (Holy Prophet's community) and the remaining forty will be of people of the past Prophets. After completion of the process of reckoning all will be ordered to cross over "Siraat"
Q 5: What is "Siraat"?
A. "Siraat" is a bridge which will be placed over the back of hell. It will be more subtle than a hair and sharper than sword. Every pious and sinner, condemned and absolved and believer and infidel will cross it because it is the only pathway to paradise. Believers will cross over this bridge safely and soundly in accord with their ranks. The hell will call "O' believer cross over me, for, your "Noor" (light) has cooled down my flames". There will be big iron hooks,pegs (how big will those be? Allah knows better) thereon which will catch those about whom there will be divine order. Some will be hurt only by these pegs and some thrown in hell.
First of all, the Holy Prophet will cross over "Siraat" then other Apostles, Messengers and Prophets followed by Muslim Ummah and then the people of the past Prophets.
Q 6: How will the mankind cross over "Siraat"?
A. All humanbeings will cross over "Siraat" in different ways according to their deeds. Some will cross it like lightning, some like blowing of wind, some will cross it like a bird's flight, some like running of a horse, some will run and walk, some will crawl and even some will move like ant.
Q 7: What is "Haud-e-Kauser"?
A. "Haud-e-Kauser" (an exclusive heavenly pond) is a great favour and grace of Allah Almighty in the fearful distress of the Doomsday which He has gifted to our Prophet Hadrat Muhammad Mustafa (may Allah's choicest blessings & peace be upon him). The distance between the two banks of Haud-e-Kauser is equal to a journey of one month. There are pearls and jewels-studded domes on its sides. Its earth is of musk. Its water is whiter than the milk, sweeter than the honey and purer than the musk. Its pots are more in number than the stars in the sky. The believer who once drank its water would never be thirsty. Muslim Ummah will be satiated with its unique water by the Holy Prophet. May Allah also grace us with this favour! Aameen.
Q 8: Where will humankind go after completion of all these stages?
A. Believers will go to paradise and infidels to hell. Allah Almighty has made a beautiful place to reward the believers which is equipped with such kinds of corporal and spiritual bliss and felicity that can not be imagined even by the kings and emperors of the world. This place of felicity is called "Jannat" or "Bahisht" (Paradise). Likewise, there is a dreadful place to chastise and torment sinners and infidels which is full of such types of torment that one is shuddered with horrors to think of it. However, the sinful believers who had recited "Kalimah" (the holy code) sincerely will at last be taken out of hell either on completion of the term of their punishment or by the intercession of Prophets, Angels and saints or by the grace of the Merciful of merciful (Allah Almighty) leaving there only infidels and unbelievers and then its mouth will be sealed. The faces of the dwellers of Paradise will look bright and fresh and of the inmates of hell will be black and nasty and their eyes blue. The paradise and hell which were created millions of years back are extant.
Q 9: What is "A'raaf'?
A. There is a transparent wall or a veil between the paradise and hell which will prevent the boons and bounties of paradise from reaching the hell and the afflictions and torments of hell from reaching the paradise. The place over this transparent wall or veil is called "A'raaf1 (heights). It is reported by a number of righteous servants of Allah Almighty that the people of "A'raaf would be those ones whose virtuous and sins would be equal. Seeing the dwellers of paradise, they will greet them and yearn for heavens. At last they will be admitted into paradise.
Q10. How will the Muslim Ummah be identified on the Doomsday?
A. It will be dark when people will proceed to "Siraat" from the field of "Hashr". The light of faith and good deeds which the humanbeings will possess corresponding to the degree of their faith and actions will lead them to paradise. The light of Muslim Ummah will be brighter than that of the other Prophets' communities by dint of the Holy Prophet. The Holy Prophet said to this effect that my Ummah will be summoned on the Doomsday in such, a state that their faces, hands and feet will shine by the traces of ablution. So shine them more if one could i.e. perform ablution well.
Q11: What will happen after admittance into paradise and casting into hell?
A. After admittance of all believers into paradise leaving only those in hell (destined to live there permanently), the death will be brought in the shape of a ram and stood in between the paradise and hell. A proclaimer will call the dwellers of paradise who will peep through and fearing that they might be taken out of it and the inmates of hell will peep through hoping that they may be relieved of the torment, and ask about the ram who will identify it as "death". It will be slaughtered and proclaimed that the death is no more there. The dwellers of paradise will abide permanently in the place of bliss and felicity and the inmates of hell will live in hell for ever.
At this juncture, the paradise dwellers will rejoice immensely and the hell's inmates will be stricken by profound grief and sorrow.
"Nasaa Lul-Laahal 'Afwa wal 'Aafiyah Fiddeeni wad Dunyaa wal Aakhirah" (we beg forgiveness of Allah and seek refuge with Him and protection against every misfortune, calamity for our good in religion, this world and the next world).
Q12: Why will there be the vision of Allah in the next world?
A. It is definite that every Sunni Muslim will have "Deedar" (Splendid Sight,Vision) of Allah Almighty. However, it is inexplicable as to how will they see Him. The thing which is seen is situated at a distance and to a specific direction, far or near, above or below, right or left and in front or back, but Allah Almighty is pure and free from all such things. Then "how will that be?" Be clear! there is no room for ifs and buts in it. It is certain and sure. We all will, by the grace of Allah Almighty, have His Vision. Even the eye sight can not see or comprehend "His Sight", for, only that thing can be seen or comprehended which has limits and directions whereas Allah Almighty is purely free from these things.
This is the creed of Ahle Sunnat but some misguided sects like "Mo'tazilah" (non-conformists, dissenters) failed to differentiate between "Idraak" (comprehension) and "Roiyat" (Sighting) and declared that Allah's vision is impossible ignoring the established facts that when Allah can be known and His Existence acknowledged sans physical entity and directions then He can also be seen likewise.
In brief, Ahle Sunnat have an unwavering belief about "Deedar" (vision) of Allah Almighty in the next world which is borne out by Quran-o-Hadees, Ijma and myriad of cogent arguments of Muslim scholars. Had it been impossible, Prophet Moses would not have wished to see Allah nor Allah Almighty would have said to him "Inistaqarra Makaanahoo Fasaufa Taraani" (if it [mountain] remains standing at its place then soon you will see Me). A number of Ahaadees prove that Allah Almighty will manifest Himself in a garden of Paradise where tables and chairs made of light, jewels, ruby, jasper, topaz, gold and silver will be set for the dwellers of paradise. Even the lower grade dwellers will sit on the mounds of musk and camphor. Nevertheless, nobody will consider himself inferior to those sitting on heavenly chairs. Allah's Deedar to the believers will be as clear as the sun and the full moon. Allah will manifest Himself to every Paradise dweller who will see Him without any difficulty or hindrance. The chosen servants of Allah Almighty will be graced with His "Splendid Sight" every morning and evening. First of all the Holy prophet Hadrat Muhammad Mustafa (may Allah's choicest blessings & peace be upon him) will have Allah's Vision which is the supreme and greatest favour in paradise. The dwellers of paradise who once had Allah's Deedar would never forget it and be absorbed in the Splendid Sight for ever.

Learn Holy Quran because it will be a proof for us muslim on the Day of Judgment.
This is due to the statement of the Messenger: “And the Quran is a proof for you or against you.” [Muslim] so the deputy of every Muslim is to read quran and learn quran with tajweed so one of two things will occur with this proof, the Book of Allah. And this quran education will be in your favor, a proof for us on the Day when we will need every single good deed and learning quran along with doing quran memorization is one of it and to add more spread the quran teaching and spread the kids quran knowledge and listening to quran online and understand the quran tafseer , it will be something standing against us and follow the guidance of or prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, and these good deeds will be a proof against us! Who could be saved from the terrors of that Day if Allah’s own Speech is against him?!?! Think carefully, so reading Arabic Quran and teaching our kids quran qaida with the tafseer of quran  and let the kids memorize quran dear Muslim brother or sister, about your position with the reading Quran! Are you neglecting it, contradicting it, being heedless of its orders and prohibitions, are you thinking deeply over it?! Will it be on your side on the Day of Judgment.? So learn quran recitation! O Allah! We ask you, by Your Glorious Speech and the rest of your beautiful Names and Attributes, to make the Quran a proof for us! So the Quran tutor should let his student know about these facts also, 


Q 1: What are "Hashr-o-Nashr" and "Ma'aad"?
A. "Hashr-o-Nashr", "Ma'aad", "Yaum-e-B'as" and "Yaum-e-Nushoor-e-Saa'at" are all the names of the Doomsday. This world will also annihilate after completion of its fixed term of life like that of other animate and inanimate things. That is called "Qeyaamah" (Doomsday, Resurrection Day). There will then be none but Allah alone Who is eternal in the beginning and eternal in the end.
Q 2: To what extent it is necessary to believe in Doom and Resurrection?
A. To believe in "Hashr-o-Nashr" (Doom and Resurrection) is one of the fundamental beliefs of Islaam. No one can be a Muslim unless he believes in it. This belief is so essential that without it a humanbeing can neither avoid sins fully nor toil at worship and nor sacrifice his life and property. The fear of temporal punishment or defamation can prevent man committing crime so long as he is afraid of its exposition and when he is sure that nobody can know his crime then he does not hesitate to commit even a heinous crime. It is only this belief which dissuades man from committing crime that a particUlaar day is fixed for meting out reward and punishment for our virtuous and evil deeds. This day is called "Qeyaamah" (Doomsday, Day of Judgement). Allah Almighty is the Owner of this day. The majority of scholars and intellectuals of the world is, despite difference of religions, agreed with this fact that another life is to follow the temporal life. The matter does not simply end with death. And that our good fortune and misfortune in the life hereafter depend on our deeds and actions. (Maxim: As you sow so you reap).
Q 3: Will only the soul face Doom or both the soul and body will do?
Not soul alone but both the soul and body will face Doom (Hashr). The one who says that only souls will be resurrected not the bodies is denier of the Doomsday and thus is an infidel. Though constituents of the body may have dispersed or eaten up by animals after death yet Allah Almighty will collect all those and will, bringing them to the original form, reassemble the body on the preserved basic constituents of the body and then He will make every soul enter into body it was concerned with in the mortal world.
Q 4: How will the world be annihilated?
A. After all portents concerning the Doomsday will have completed and the fragrant breeze passed under the armpits of Muslims killing them all and there will be no believer left but only infidels and unbelievers who will be busy in their respective chores and works as usual then all of a sudden Allah Almighty will command Angel Israfeil to blow the trumpet. In the beginning its sound will be very faint which will gradually grow loud. People will listen to it attentively and fall unconscious. The corollary of the trumpet's sound will be that all angels in the heavens and living people on the earth will die and those who had died but were brought to life soon after their death like Prophets and martyrs who are alive in their graves will feel as if they are drowsy. Other dead (in their graves) will not feel it. The earth and sky will be tumultuously upset. The earth will push out all its weights and treasures. Mountains will be battered to pieces by trembling and will float like carded cotton or wool-flakes. All stars will fall hitting against one another and perish. Similarly, every being and everything will annihilate even trumpet and Israfeil and all Angels. There will then be nothing but the True One (Allah). He will say: "whose is the kingdom today? Where are those proud and mighty? Receiving no reply He Himself will say: "Lil Laahil Waahidil Qah-haar" (today is the kingdom of Allah, the One, the Subduer/Vanquisher).
Q5: Who will be resurrected first?
A. First of all Allah Almighty will, when He will please, resurrect Angel Israfeil and then will recreate trumpet. He will command Israfeil to blow the trumpet. All Angels, humanbeings, genies and animals right from the beginning of the world to the end will come back to life as soon as Angel Israfeil will blow the trumpet. First "Hamalaat al-Arsh" (four angels holding the empyrean) will rise followed by the Chief Angel Gibreil, Angel Michael and Angel Israel and then the earth, sky, moon and sun will come back into existence. Thereafter, there will be a rain which will resurrect all dead (with soul and body) like verdure. First of all Prophet Muhammad (may Allah's choicest blessings and peace be upon him) will come out from his hallowed grave holding the hand of Hadrat Siddique Akbar (may Allah be pleased with him) with his right hand and of Hadrat Farooque Azam (may Allah be pleased with him) with his left hand and then he will go, taking all believers buried in the graveyards of holy Makkah and Madinah, to the field of "Hashr".
Q 6: What will be the plight of people on the Doomsday?
A. People will rise from their graves naked and barefooted on the Doomsday and will be astounded by the strange and peculiar scene of the Doomsday.
Heavenly conveyances will be made available to the believers on their graves by the grace of Allah Almighty. Some conveyances will carry a single believer, some will carry two, some three, some four and some will carry ten believers. Infidels and non-believers will walk prone to the field of "Hashr". Some infidels will be herded and dragged by the angels and some will be collected by fire and pushed to the field of resurrection. The field of "Hashr" will be established in Syria. The earth will become so flat and even that a mustard seed if fell on the one end of the earth would be visible from the other end. Allah Almighty will turn the entire earth into copper for the Doomsday.
The sun with its obverse will come very near the earth (to the height of only one mile) on the Doomsday. The heat will be so terribly excessive that the brains will boil inside the heads. May Allah Almighty protect us. Men will perspire so profusely that the earth will absorb their sweat seventy yards inside and then it will rise upto the ankles of some, to the knees of some, to the waists of some, to the chests of some, to the throats of some and upto the faces of infidels and non-believers griping them tightly like bridle in which they will drown. The tongue will go dry for thirst in this heat and the hearts will jump to the throats in fear. Every one will face the trials and tribUlaations according to his actions in the world.
On this day no one will help the other. Everybody will be brought to book. Their "sheets of actions" will be opened. Prophets and other witnesses will be present there. Justice will be done to all sans any excess. Everyone will receive the just return of his deeds.
After having gone through these stages, everybody will go to his permanent abode. Some will be admitted into paradise, a unique place of comfort and felicity and some will be cast into hell, the worst place of distress and difficulties.
Q 7: Do the Doom, resurrection, reward and torment mean what has been expounded above or otherwise too?
A. The meaning of Doomsday, resurrection, reckoning, reward, torment, paradise and hell is that which is generally interpreted and spoken of by the Muslims. The one who describes these things truth but perceives them otherwise, for instance, he says: paradise is mere a name of "high comfort" or "feeling of anguish by the soul" is hell or reward is only one's being pleased to see his virtuous actions or to be sad on seeing one's evil action is torment or says only the souls will face "Hashr" is, indeed, a denier of the facts and is out from the circle of Islaam.
Likewise to deny the existence of angels or to say the angel is "power of virtue" or to deny the existence of genies or to name "power of evil" genie or devil is unbelief.
In brief, what beliefs about doom, resurrection, reward, torment, paradise, hell etc. are common among Muslims and what meanings of these things are understood by the believers, the same meaning have been elucidated by the Holy Quran and Ahaadees bequeathed to us by a chain of Muslim scholars. So the one who accepts these words but says that the meaning of the words is that which is inconsistent with the Muslim's beliefs is, of course, out from Islamic fold, denier of the fundamentals of Islaam, unbeliever and renegade.


Q1: What is meant by "Alaamaat-e-Qeyaamat"?
A. When a man nears death his condition (if sick) aggravates and there appear certain signs of the agony of death and last gasps on his person. Similarly, there will appear some signs as to coming about of the Doomsday which are called "Alaamaat-e-Qeyaamat" (portents of the Doomsday).
Q2: What are portents of the Doomsday?
A. Portents of the Doomsday are of two types i.e. those ones which took place from the day the Holy Prophet was born and will continue to happen until the advent of Hadrat Imaam Mehdi (may Allah be pleased with him) joining the second type of portents. These are called "Alaamaat-e-Sughra" (minor signs) and second type are those which will occur from the day of Imaam Mehdi's passing away to the day the trumpet will be blown. These indications of the Doomsday will happen in so succession as the beads of a broken rosary fall down. These portents are called "Alaamaat-e-Kubra" (major signs). The Doomsday will come about after all these portents will have happened.
Q 3: What are the minor portents of the Doomsday?
A. Some of the minor portents of the Doomsday are:
1. Passing away of the Holy Prophet.
2. Passing away of all companions of the Holy Prophet.
3. Occurance of three "Khasf i.e. men will sink in the earth. One in the east, the other in the west and the third one in Arabian peninsula.
4. Knowledge will finish i.e. there will be dearth of true Ulama. People will make ignorants their Imaam and guides who will not only be misguided themselves but will also misguide others.
5. Fornication, drinking, moral turpitude and immodesty will be rampant.
6. Women will be much more than men even to such an extent that one man will look after fifty women.
7. Thirty more "Dajjaal"(blatant liars) will appear besides the chief Dajjaal(the accursed deceiver that will appear towards the end of the world) who all will claim to be Prophets notwithstanding the fact the Prophethood has come to an end.
8. There will be galore of wealth. The earth will push out its hidden treasures.
9. To be steadfast in following Shari'ah will be as difficult and painful as to hold burning embers in the fist.
10. Time will carry no blessing i.e. run out at a gallop.
11. People will consider payment of "Zakaat" (poor-due) a burden and ransom.
12. People will acquire Islamic knowledge for worldly gains not for the sake of Islaam.
13. Women will adopt masculine appearance and men feminine cut.
14. Songs and music will be all around and modesty and decency will vanish.
15. People on seeing one another will abuse instead of saying "Salaam" (Islamic greeting).
16. People will vociferate and indulge in worldly talks in mosques.
17. People will offer prayer but will ignore "conditions" and "essential acts" of the prayer to such an extent that even one prayer out of fifty will not be accepted and etc. etc.
Q 4: What are the major portents of the Doomsday?
A. The major portents of the Doomsday are:
Appearance of Dajjaal, descent of Hadrat Issa [Prophet Jesus] (peace be upon him) from the heavens, advent of Hadrat Imaam Mehdi (may Allah be pleased with him), coming out of "Yajooj" and "Majooj" (Gog and Magog), repletion of the world with a peculiar type of smoke, coming out of "Daabba-tul-Ard"(creeping creature of the earth), rising of the sun in the west and passing away of Prophet Jesus.
Q 5: Who is Dajjaal and when and how he will appear?
A. Dajjaal is a male Jew who is incarcerated in the islands of Tabaristan's river by the command of Allah Almighty.
After his release he will climb a mountain and call people towards himself. Those who were destined to be "accursed" would respond to his second call and rally round him then he will lead a vast crowd of people appearing from in between Syria and Iraq to create disturbance and anarchy in the world. He will be one-eyed (there will be no trace of other eye even eye-brow at all). That's why he is called "Masih". Jewish armed forces will accompany him. He will ride on an unusually big donkey. Arabic letters "Kaf", "Fa", "Ra" that is "Kaafir" (infidel, unbeliever) will be inscribed on his forehead which every Muslim will clearly see and read but these letters will not be visible to infidels. His evil mischief which will be very disastrous will last for forty days. Its first day will be of one year, the second day of one month, the third of one week and the remaining days will be of normal span of time. He will gallop from one city to another like a cloud driven by the wind. He will claim to be god and carry with him a garden and fire naming those"paradise" and "hell" which will, in fact, be the reverse of his claim that is his garden will be fire and fire will be peace (garden). He will order clouds to rain and the earth to produce vegetation,crops for those who will accept him and leave away those (apparently in the lurch) who will oppose and reject him with the result they will face drought and famine. When he will pass through deserts, the hidden treasures of the earth will come out and accompnay, follow him like bees. In brief, Dajjaal will demonstrate numerous such sleights and wonders which all will be the magic shows having no truth. After his departure from the place where he will display his magical wonders all will disappear and then people will understand the reality.
In this dreadful ordeal "Tasbih-o-Tahleel" (glorification of Allah and declaration of Allah's Oneness) will serve as food and water for Muslims that is repetition of "Tasbih-o-Tahleel" will rid believers of thirst and hunger. He will visit every part of the world with the lightning speed excepting holy Makkah and Madinah. The angels will push him back when he will try to enter these two sacred places. Hadrat Issa (peace be upon him) will descend from the heavens in Syria when Dajjaal will reach there having visited the whole world.
Q 6: When and where will Prophet Jesus descend?
A. During the peak of Dajjaal's wicked activities, all Arabs (Muslims) will throng to and gather in Syria. That accursed (Dajjaal) will, having visited the whole world, reach there and besiege them all who will be twenty two thousand armed men and one hundred thousand women.
The believers will still be in a fix when a proclaimer will proclaim from the heavens "do not worry, your helper has come" and at the very time Hadrat Issa (Prophet Jesus) [peace be upon him] with effulgent face will descend from the heavens attired in yellow dress escorted by two angels on the eastern minaret of the main mosque of Damascus. He will follow the religion of the Last Prophet Hadrat Muhammad Mustafa (may Allah's choicest blessings & peace be upon him) and will lead Muslim Ummah as the just ruler, leader and "Mujaddid"(reviver of Islamic commands, injunctions).
It will be the morning time. "Iqamaah" for Fajr prayer will have been uttered. Hadrat Imaam Mehdi (may Allah be pleased with him) who will have to lead the prayer will request him to lead the prayer. He will, placing his hand on Imaam Mehdi's back or shoulder say: go ahead and lead the prayer as "Takbir" (Iqaamah) was uttered for you. The Holy Prophet said" what will be your (believers') condition (in delight) when Ibne Mariam (Prophet Jesus) will descend among you and your Imaam will be from among you i.e. your joy and pride will know no bounds when Prophet Jesus will come down to you and live in your midst as your savior and helper and also offer prayer under the leadership of your Imaam. Well, Hadrat Issa (peace be upon him) will get the gate of the mosque opened after the prayer will be over. Dajjaal will be there with seventy thousand armed Jews. The Muslims will swoop on them and a fierce battle will ensue.
Seeing Hadrat Issa (peace be upon him) Dajjaal will start dissolving like salt in the water and flee from the scene. He will chase and locate Dajjaal near Jerusalem at the gate of "Lud" and pierce an arrow in his back. He will die. Hadrat Issa (peace be upon him) will show the blood of Dajjaal on his arrow to the Muslims.
After the elimination of Dajjaal, Hadrat Issa (peace be upon him) will carry out reforms and wage "Jihad" (holy crusade) against infidels and disbelievers. He will defer "Jiziyah" (poll-tax imposed on non-Muslims in Islamic states) i.e. nothing short of embracing Islaam will be accepted. Christian emblem "cross" will be broken and pigs exterminated. All "Ahle Kitaab" (people of divine books) who will be spared life, will embrace Islaam. Allah Almighty will wipe out all religions in his time except for Islaam. There will be only one religion "Islaam" and one "Mazhab" (Islamic creed) - "Ahle Sunnat" in the whole world. Hadrat Issa's (peace be upon him) time will be full of blessings and felicity. There will be justice so much so that a goat will rest beside a wolf without any fear of being harmed and children will play with snakes.
Q 7: Who is Hadrat Imaam Mehdi?
A. Hadrat Imaam Mehdi (may Allah be pleased with him) is the last Imaam in "Aaiemah Isna 'Ashar" (twelve Imaams of Ahle Bait) and "Khalifa-tul Laah" (vicegerent of Allah on the earth). His name will be "Muhammad", father's name "Abdullah" and mother's name "Aminah". He will be "Saiey-yid", "Hasani" and one of the descendants of Hadrat Faatemah (may Allah be pleased with her). He will also belong to Hadrat Abbaas (may Allah be pleased with him) through maternal ties.
Hadrat Imaam Mehdi (may Allah be pleased with him) will appear at the age of forty. His caliphate will last for seven or eight or nine years and then he will pass away. Hadrat Issa (peace be upon him) will lead his funeral prayer.
Q 8: When and where will be the advent of Hadrat Imaam Mehdi?
A. All Muslim states (including Rome and Syria) save holy Makkah and Madinah will slip from the hands of Muslims and Christians will hold sway after all minor portents of the Doomsday will have happened. There will be disorder and turmoil all over the world. All "Abdaal" (great saints) nay all "Auliya" (saints) will migrate to "Harmain Sharifain" (holy Makkah and Madinah). Thus the entire world will become a place of infidels, disbelievers. It will be the holy month of Ramadaan. "Abdaal" will be performing circumambUlaation of the holy "Ka'bah". Hadrat Imaam Mehdi (may Allah be pleased with him) who will be then of forty will also be there. "Auliya" will recognise him and wish to swear allegiance to him but he will refuse. All of a sudden, there will be a proclamation from heavens: "Haazaa Khalifa-tul Laahil Mahdi Fasma'oo Lahoo wa Ati'oo" (He is vicegerent of Allah - Mehdi. Listen to him and obey him) and after this all saints and believers will swear allegiance to him. Hadrat Imaam Mehdi will lead all Muslims to Syria. Hearing this news, Christian leaders will also rush there with a big and strong army to fight against them. The army of Hadrat Imaam Mehdi (may Allah be pleased with him) will divide into three groups that time. One group will flee being afraid of Christians and will die as infidels,disbelievers, the other group will fight against Christians and attain martyrdom and the third group will gain glorious victory over Christians on fourth day of the battle. Most of Muslim families will have one percent survivors. Later, the able-bodied survivors will conquer Constantinople (now Istanbul) from Christians.
Infidels and disbelievers will be killed in such a large number in these battles that if a bird flies from the one end of the place where their bodies will be lying scattered, will die and fall before reaching the other end.
Satan, the outcast, will, while believers will be distributing spoils after the conquest of Constantinople, cry that Dajjaal has arrived in their (Muslims') homes. The believers will beware. Ten horse riders will be dispatched to ascertain the truth but the rumour will prove to be a hoax. The Holy Prophet said in this context: "I know their names, their father's names and recognise the colours of their horses. They will be ones of the best riders of the world that time".
The Muslim army will return from Constantinople to Syria.
Dajjaal will appear in the 7th year after this great battle.
Q 9: Who are "Yaajooj" and "Maajooj"?
A. "Yaajooj-o-Maajooj" (Gog and Magog) are a mischievous and bellicose group hailing from the posterity of Yaafas bin Nooh (Prophet Noah). They are in great number. They used to create disturbance and anarchy when they come out. During "Rabi" (spring harvest) they swallowed up all standing crops and vegetation even ate humanbeings, animals, beasts, snakes and scorpions.
People complained to Hadrat Sikandar Zul-Qarnain (Alexander, the great) who was a pious believer, loved one of Allah and the ruler of the entire world, about their rampageous activities. He got constructed a compact wall of iron, copper, stones and other material from beneath the ground to the height of mountain to confine them behind the wall. This wall is sixty yards in width and 150 leagues (about 450 miles) in length.
An Hadees to this effect says: "Yajooj-o-Majooj" break this wall daily and when they are near to breaking the wall completely after day's long labour someone of them says: let us go now. We shall break the remaining wall tomorrow. The next day they come and find the wall stronger than the last day. When the time of their coming out will arrive somebody of them will say: let us go now. "Insha Allah" (if God wills) we shall break the rest of the wall tomorrow. The blessing of "Insha Allah" will save their day long labour from going waste and the next day they will find the wall as much broken as they had and then they will come out.
Q10: When will "Yajooj-o-Majooj" come out?
A. After the murder of Dajjaal people will be living in peace and with equanimity. In the meanwhile, Allah Almighty will command Hadrat Issa (peace be upon him) to take all the believers to "Toor" (mount Sinai), for, some so barbaric and savage people will be let loose that no nation can fight with them. So he will take all Muslims to the fortress of mount Sinai and stay there. Then Yajooj-o-Majooj will appear in so large number that when the first group of theirs will pass through Tiber (which will be ten miles long) will drink its water dry and when the second party will reach there would think as if there had never been any water.
They will spread all around like ants and locusts and wreak havoc on the earth. Feeling replete after their rampageous and killing revelry on the earth they will say: we have killed all creatures on the earth now let us kill the inmates of the heavens. And then they will shoot their arrows towards the sky. Strange are the ways of Nature! their arrows will come back stained with blood. On the one hand they will be busy in their diabolical activities and on the other side Hadrat Issa (peace be upon him) will be confined to the fort on mount Sinai with his companions, where they will face so severe famine that the head of a cow will value them much more than one hundred "Ashrafi" (gold coins) do us. At that critical juncture Hadrat Issa (peace be upon him) will, accompanied with his companions, pray to Allah Almighty. Allah will create a sort of germs in the necks of Yajooj-o-Majooj who all will die in a night.
Q11: What will happen after the killing of Yajooj-o-Majooj?
A. After the killing of Yajooj-o-Majooj, Hadrat Issa (peace be upon him) and his companions will get down from the mount Sinai and see that the whole earth is littered with their corpses and stench. He will again pray to Allah Almighty accompanying his companions. Allah Almighty will send a severe wind and a sort of birds that will sweep away and remove the corpses to the place where Allah will command them to take.
Their arrows, bows and quivers will be in so many number that believers will use those as fire-wood for seven years.
Then there will be rain which will level the earth. Now Allah Almighty will command the earth to produce fruits and the sky to pour out its blessings and bounties. With the result, pomegranate will satiate a party of people and its skin (if spread) will cover them all, milk of a she-camel will suffice a group of people, a cow's milk will suffice a clan and a goat's milk will be enough for a family.
Q12: How long will Hadrat Issa (peace be upon him) stay in the world?
A. Hadrat Issa (peace be upon him) will lead believers and rule justly in the world for forty years. These forty years also include seven years after the killing of Dajjaal. He will marry and will have children too. He will visit the sacred grave of the Holy Prophet to say "Salaam" (greeting). The Holy Prophet will respond to it. He will also go to holy Makkah through "Roha"(a place near Madinah) to perform either "Umrah" or "Hajj".
He will, after all these events (elucidated in this lesson) will have taken place, pass away. Believers will perform his funeral rites. They will wash, perfume and shroud his body and offer his funeral prayer. He will be buried beside the Holy Prophet in his illumined shrine.
Q13: When will the smoke appear and what will be the effect thereof?
A. After passing away of Hadrat Issa (peace be upon him), a person namely "Jahjaah" hailing from "Qahtaan" tribe, resident of Yemen will be his "Khalifah" (successor). After him there will be some more kings during whose tenures infidelity and disbelief will surface. In the meanwhile, one house will sink into the earth in the west and the other in the east where deniers of "Taqdeer" (predestination) will be living. Then (a peculiar type of) smoke will appear darkening the whole world from the sky down to the earth. It will last for forty days causing cold to believers and plunging infidels and hypocrites into unconsciousness. Some will regain consciousness after a day, some after two days and some after three days. Thereafter the sun will rise in the west.
Q14: Why will the sun rise in the west?
A. The sun prostrates in the Most Exalted Court of Allah Almighty daily and seeks permission to rise. In the time towards the end of the world, it will seek permission as usual to rise which will be denied to it and it will be commanded to go back. It will comply with and then the night which will follow "Yaum-e-Nahr" (the day of sacrifice) during the month of Zil-Hijj will be so long that children will start crying and wailing, travellers will get weary and cattle will be very anxious to graze. In brief, people will wail and weep and beg forgiveness. At last, the sun will, after protraction of the night for about three or four nights' span, rise in the west like lunar eclipse throwing little light in a state of anxiety. It will move upto middle of the sky and then will go back i.e. will set in the west. Thereafter, the sun will use to rise in the east as usual.
Henceforth, with the appearance of this portent of the Doomsday, the doors of repentance and forgiveness will be shut on all. Renunciation of infidelity by infidels and repentance of sins by sinners will not be accepted and even embracing of Islaam will not be acceptable.
Q15: What is "Daabba-tul-Ard" and when will it come out?
A. "Daabba-tul-Ard" will be an odd animal which will come out from "Safa" (an hill near holy Makkah) and visit all cities/parts of the world so speedily that nobody would escape him if tried to run. It will speak eloquently and say: "Haaza Mu'minun wa Haaza Kaafirun" (this is believer and this is infidel). It will carry staff of Prophet Moses in one hand and the ring of Prophet Solomon in the other hand. It will draw a lightsome line on the forehead of every believer with the staff. With the result the black face will shine up. And it will stamp the forehead of every infidel with the ring. Resultant his face will become nasty. Thus, all believers and infidels will then be open. These signs of belief and infidelity will never change. Infidels will never renounce infidelity and believers will remain adhered to Islaam. People will still be seized by the rise of the sun in the west on the second day of the incident, "Safa" hill will be cleaved by earthquake and this odd animal will come out.
It will first appear in Yemen and then in Najd and vanish. And third time it will appear in holy Makkah.
Q16: What will happen after that?
A. Before forty years of the Doomsday, after a long time of passing away of Hadrat Issa (peace be upon him) a fragrant breeze will blow and pass under the armpits of people causing death to all believers. There will remain no believer and God-fearing one but unbelievers. African people will dominate and rule. They will demolish the holy Ka'bah. There will be no fear of God, shame and decency.
Tyranny of the rulers and conflicts of people with one another will increase. In brief, idols-worshipping, oppression, lawlessness, famine and epidemic disease will be rampant. In such sorry state of the world, Syria will be somewhat well-off. People from all other countries will start proceeding to Syria with their families. In the meanwhile, a big fire will appear from the south which will chase all people of the world forcing them to gather in Syria and then will disappear. These forty years (towards the end of the world) will go by in such state that there will be no new birth i.e. all will be of forty and there will be no believer but all infidels and unbelievers alone. All of a sudden on Friday which will also be the tenth of Muharram, when all people will be busy in their routine activities, Allah Almighty will command Angel Israfeil in the morning to blow trumpet and thus "Doomsday" will be established on unbelievers.


Q 1: What is "Aalam-e-Barzakh"?
A. The world which is situated between the mortal and immortal worlds is called "Aalam-e-Barzakh" (a period or state between death and resurrection). All humanbeings and genies have to stay in it after death according to their status. "Aalam-e-Barzakh" is far larger than this world. It has the same attachment with this world as the world has with a mother's belly (womb). Some enjoy comfort and some face discomfort there.
Q 2: Does the soul remain in association with the body after death or not?
A. The soul remains in association with the body. The soul will necessarily feel what will happen to the body notwithstanding its separation from the body just as it used to feel in the lifetime rather more than that. Man (body) drinks cold water, eats sumptuous food and enjoys fresh air and cozy bed but his soul feels the taste and delicacy of these things. Similarly, their actions and reactions also reflect on the body but the soul faces affliction. Besides, there are some other specific causes and conditions of comfort and discomfort for the soul which make it exhilarated or dismal. Exactly the same things happen to the soul in "Aalam-e-Barzakh".
Q 3: What does happen to the dead in "Barzakh"?
A. 1."Zughta-e-Qabr" i.e. after burial grave presses the dead. If the dead is Muslim grave presses it as if a mother hugs her child lovingly and in case the dead is infidel then the grave becomes so tight that his ribs are intertwined.
2. The dead hears the sound of the steps of people who leave graveyard after having buried him. Then two angels namely "Munkar" and "Nakeer" guised in horrible figure come to the grave tearing through the earth and question the dead harshly viz: Who is your "Rab" (Sovereign Lord)? What is your religion? And what did you use to say about him i.e. the Holy Prophet Hadrat Muhammad Mustafa (may Allah's choicest blessings & peace be upon him).
3. If the dead is believer he will answer the questions as: My "Rab" is Allah. My religion is Islaam. And he is the Messenger of Allah (Hadrat Muhammad Mustafa [Sallal Laahu Alaihei Wasallam] may Allah's choicest blessings & peace be upon him).
4. If the dead is hypocrite or infidel he will say: Alas! I know nothing. I used to say what I heard people say.
5 . Grave of the believer will be enlarged and a door opened to Paradise whereby he will receive the fragrance of Paradise.
6 . Some disobedient believers will face torment in proportion to their sins. But later when Allah will please they will be absolved either by His mercy or by the supplications/intercession of the spiritual guides of the dead or Allah's saints. Some Muslim scholars maintain that torment is removed from the graves of believers as the Friday night falls.
7. For an infidel or hypocrite, a bed of fire will be laid in his grave and he will be dressed with the garment of hell-fire. A door will be opened to Hell and the angels of torment will be posted there to torment him. Besides, snakes, scorpions etc. will also keep tormenting him.
8. The virtues and good deeds of believer will adopt beautiful and pretty shapes to please him and as against this the evils and bad deeds of infidel and hypocrite will change into dogs, wolves and other dreadful animals to torment him.
9. The souls of believers, be they at their graves or on "Zam Zam" (sacred well adjacent to holy Ka'bah) or in between the sky and earth of on the heavens or above the heavens or in celestial lanterns beneath the "Arsh" (throne) or in "A'laa Illi-yeen" (the highest position, place) are granted freedom to go where they wish to. They see one another, inquire about their relatives and see those who visit their graves and also listen to their words.
10. The souls of infidels are imprisoned within the precincts of cremation ground. They are not allowed to go anywhere. However, they see and recognise those who visit their graves or cremation ground and also hear their speech.
11. The dead responds to "Salaam" (salutation) and also speaks which all creatures but mankind and genies hear.
Q 4: Does only the body receive reward and torment or both the soul and body receive?
A. Both the soul and body receive reward and torment. An Hadees to this effect says: a cripple was lying in an orchard and witnessing fruits but could not pluck those due to his disability. Perchance, a blind went by there. He called the blind and advised him to carry him (cripple) on his shoulders to pick fruits from trees which they will eat. The blind concurred and lifted the cripple on his shoulders. He plucked fruits which they both ate.
Who is to be held responsible for the crime? Definitely the both. So it is clear from the given example that blind is the body and cripple is the soul.
Q 5: How will the body receive reward or torment in grave after its decompositon?
A. Though the body may decompose or turn into dust yet the vital constituents of it will remain intact till the Doomsday. These basic constituents will be subjected to reward or torment and the body will be reassembled or reconstructed on the very constituents on the Day of Judgement which is called "Ujbuz Zanb" (the atom). The Nature has created and preserved such marvellous constituents in the back-bone of humanbeings which can neither be seen by any microscope nor fire or the earth can burn and annihilate them.
These very constituents of the dead person will face torment or enjoy reward in grave. "Azaab-e-Qabr" (torment in grave) and "Tan'eem-e-Qabr" (Divine blessing in grave) are the truth which nobody but only a "misguided" will deny.
Q 6: Where will the dead be questioned if not buried?
A. The dead that is not buried will be questioned where it is thrown or left unburied at the place it died and will also receive reward or torment there even if one is eaten up by a lion that will be questioned in the lion's stomach and will also receive torment or reward therein.
Q 7: whose bodies will not decompose and remain intact?
A. The earth will not decompose the bodies of the Prophets, saints, Ulama (religious scholars), martyrs, those who learn(t) the Holy Quran by heart and also follow(ed) it, those who love Allah and His beloved Prophet, those who never disobey Allah and those who busy themselves in reciting Durood Shareef (invocation of Allah's blessings on the Holy Prophet).
He who utters derogatory words against the Prophets like "they died and turned into dust" is an insolent, misguided and disbeliever.
Q 8: Does alms-giving or charity benefit the dead or not?
A. "Sawaab" (reward of virtue) of prayer, fast, "Zakaat" (poor-due), "Sadaqah" (propitiatory charity), Haj, recitation from the Holy Quran, remembrance of Allah, visiting graves, alms, charity and of every sort of prayer and goodness (irrespective of "Fard" or "Nafl") can be conveyed to the dead and it will reach all of them.
Reward of the one who conveys "Sawaab" of any of these virtues will neither be diminished nor it will be distributed among the dead but instead each of the dead will be given the aggregate amount of Sawaab by the grace of Allah Almighty and the sender/conveyor may be given equal to the total reward of all the dead. For example, one does a virtuous deed which carries ten goodnesses and he conveys it to ten dead. Every dead will get ten goodnesses and the sender will receive 110 goodnesses.
An Hadees says: the believer who recites "Qul Hu-wallah" (Surah Ikhlaas) eleveen times and conveys its reward to the dead ones will get reward equal to the number of dead.
The dead also gets, by the grace of Allah Almighty, the reward of any good work or recitation from the Holy Quran done by an under-age boy and conveyed to him.
It is made clear here that one should not understand that nothing is left after conveying "Sawaab" of any "Fard" act to the dead. After performance of "Fard" and conveying reward thereof to the dead he is relieved of the Fard and that is no more due to him. The prevalent method of "Faateha" is a sort of "Eisaal-e-Sawaab" (conveying reward of virtuous deed to the dead) which is lawful, desirable and commendable act under Shari'ah.
Q 9: What is the method of "Eisaal-e-Sawaab"?
A. Surah Faateha is recited in "Eisaal-e-Sawaab" (conveying reward of virtuous deed to the dead) which is called "Faateha" and also regarded as "Nazar-o-Niyaaz" of Allah's saints as a mark of respect.
The method of it is that one should recite Surah Faateha, "Ayatul Kursi" once and Surah Ikhlaas, three or seven or eleven times, preceded and followed by Durood Shareef at least thrice and then raise his hands (with the palms facing the heavens) and say: O' Allah! what reward of the recitation of these Quranic verses and Durood Shareef (if food and cloths etc.are also there then mention them) I am to be given by You, grant me that according to Your infinite grace not commensurate with my action and get it all conveyed to such and such saint (for example: Hadrat Saieyyedina Ghous-e-Azam [may Allah be pleased with him]) on my behalf, his respected forefathers, teachers, spiritual guides, his off-spring, disciples, followers and those who love him and my parents and such and such and all male and female believers of the past, present and future i.e. from the time of Prophet Adam to the Doomsday and then pass both the hands on his face.


Ql: What is "Shafaa'at?
A. "Shafa'a (Shafaa'at)" means somebody's intercession with his superior for his servant or junior. "Shafaa'at" (intercession) is neither thrust nor accepted under duress.
To accede to something under threat is no "Shafaa'at" but cowardice and helplessness and similarly to bully someone into doing what one wants him to do is also no intercession and recommendation.
Q 2: What is the belief of Ahle Sunnat about Shafaa'at?
A. "Shafaa'at" of the chosen servants of Allah is "Haq" (the truth, certain thing) which is borne out by numerous Quranic verses, a chain of authentic "Ahaadees"(Prophetic sayings) and consensus of Muslim scholars. Besides, religious books are also replete with it.
The sum and substance of this belief is that Allah Almighty is the sole real Creator, Master and King. Neither He has avarice nor fear of anyone. He is Absolutely Independent and all others are helpless and dependent on Him. He has chosen His "loved ones" from His servants and made Hadrat Muhammad Mustafa (may Allah's choicest blessings & peace be upon him) leader of them. He pleases them with His favours and entertains their "say" out of His infinite mercy. He has made His "loved ones" intercessor for His servants to show their greatness and excellences.
He has blessed "Auliyah"(saints) of the community of the Holy Prophet with such a high rank that if they swear for something their words come true by the grace of Allah.
Allah Almighty has made our lord and master Hadrat Saieyyedina Muhammadur Rasoolullah (may Allah's choicest blessings & peace be upon him) His great vicegerent and beloved and said: "O' beloved! your Sovereign Lord will surely give you so much that you will be pleased."
Responding to this grace of Allah, the Most Affectionate, the Holy Prophet said" "then I will not be pleased if even a single Ummati(bond slave) of mine is detained in Hell."
Glory be to Allah! what is the greatness of Allah's Darling Elect. How beautifully the Holy Quran affirms the intercession of the Holy Prophet. How graciously Allah Almighty has promised him His myriad of favours and pledged to please him. And see the kindness of the Beloved Prophet who said: "I will not leave away any of my Ummati in Hell."
Q 3: Whose Shafaa'at will be accepted?
A. According to the Holy Qur-aan, the affirmation of intercession depends on two principles i.e. grant of prior permission by Allah Almighty to intercede for somebody and intercessor must be truthful and righteous.
Study of "Ahaadees" and books on Islamic beliefs reveals that Allah, the Most Beneficent, will accept the intercession of Apostles, Messengers, Prophets, saints, "Ulama" (religious scholars), martyrs and pious servants. "Huffaaz" (those who learnt the Holy Quran by heart), "Hujrjaj" (those who performed pilgrimage to holy Makkah) and those believers who were granted any religious rank in the world will intercede for their relatives, friends and followers and even those children who died in minor age will also intercede for their parents. The scope of Shafaa'at will enlarge to such an extent that some people will approach "Ulama" and remind them that "we had fetched you water for ablution on such and such day or time or we had given you (a) clod(s) for abstersion" on this, the Ulama will intercede for them. Besides, Ahaadees indicate that after deliverance from hell-fire, believers would pray to Allah Almighty for absolution of their brothers (in faith) who were still in Hell and on Divine permission they would take out believers of Hell in great number.
Q 4: Which people will seek "Shafa'a"?
A. It is proved by Ahaadees that every believer will be seeker of Shafa'a and all believers (regardless of the past and future) will be divinely inspired to seek Shafa'a. The doctors of Ahaadees have clarified that only those believers will be the seekers of Shafa'a who used to have recourse to the Prophets in their lifetime. It will naturally get into their hearts that when Allah's Prophets were their benefactors and helpers in the world then today also they will help them out from the distress.
All people will discuss as to which Prophet should be approached and it will be decided that all should go to Prophet Adam. All will come to Prophet Adam. They will first speak of his excellences and then entreat him to intercede with Allah to save them from the trials and tribulations of the Doomsday. He will refer them to Prophet Noah. He will send them to Prophet Abraham who will ask them to approach Prophet Moses. Prophet Moses will refer them to Prophet Jesus who will advise them to go to that Prophet who has been endowed with "victory"(right of intercession), who has no fear today, who is the leader of all mankind and who is the Last Prophet. Who will intercede even for us. He is "Muhammadur Rasoolullah" (Sallal Laahu 'Alai-hei Wasallam [may Allah's choicest blessings & peace be upon him]).
Q 5: Who will be the first to intercede with Allah?
A. The Holy Prophet himself says: "Anaa Awwalu Shaafiyoon wa Awwalu Mushaffa'a"(I am the first who will intercede with Allah and my intercession will be acceded-to first of all). Nobody will dare to intercede with Allah until the door of the institution of "Shafaa'at" is opened by the Holy Prophet rather all those who will intercede later will come to the Holy Prophet to route their intercessions through him for acceptance.
The Holy Prophet is, indeed, the only "Shafi" (intercessor) in Allah's creatures who will intercede for them with Allah.
Q 6: How will the Holy Prophet's intercession begin?
A. On the advice of Prophet Jesus all people will come to the Holy Prophet in extremely pitiable condition. They will first praise him and then supplicate him for intercession. The Holy Prophet will respond to their supplication saying: "Anaa Lahaa, Anaa Lahaa, Anaa Saahib-kum" (Really, I am for this work, I am for this work. I am the very person whom you have located everywhere). Thereafter, the Holy Prophet will go to the throne and prostrate. Seeing this, Allah Almighty will say: "O' Muhammad! raise your head and speak, you will be heard. Ask for, you will be granted and intercede, your intercession will be accepted. Glory be to Allah. How very much Allah loves His beloved. The Holy Prophet has not yet spoken a word but He preceded and spoke: "O' Muhammad! lift your head and say what you want to and ask for what you need. You will be heard and granted. In short, the process of Shafa'a will now begin. The Holy Prophet will intercede for his Ummah and will keep doing so to such an extent that those having Eimaan (Islamic faith) as little as a mustard seed will be interceded and taken out of Hell. Then all other Prophets will intercede for their respective communities.
Q 7: How many kinds of intercession of the Holy Prophet are there?
A. The intercession of the Holy Prophet is of different kinds like (1)."Shafaa'at-e-Kubraa" (the grand intercession), (2). he will get a great multitude of believers admitted into heavens without any reckoning. A known figure of it is 4,90,00,00,000. A countless number of believers much more than this figure will also be entered into Paradise which is known to Allah and His beloved only, (3). will protect a large number of believers who will have been destined to be cast into Hell due to their sins, (4). will intercede for those believers who will have been consigned to Hell and take them out of it, (5). will get the positions of some believers upgraded, (6). will get the chastisement of certain believers remitted and (7). will get those believers whose virtues and evils will be equal, admitted into heavens.
Q 8: What is "Shafaa'at-e-Kubraa"?
A. "Shafa'a" of the Holy Prophet which he will make by interceding with Allah for the commencement of "settlement of account" will be for all creatures regardless of believers, infidels, obedient, disobedient, proponents, opponents, friends and foes. Waiting for "reckoning" on that day will be so terrible that all people will wish would that they had been thrown into hell so that they would have saved from these terrible sufferings. The commencement of "reckoning of account" will relieve all people of the ghastliness of the Doomsday who (the past and future nations, antagonists and protagonists, believers and infidels) will in turn praise the Holy Prophet. This is called "Maqaam-e-Mahmood" (the dignified station of praise). The status of "Shafaa'at-e-Kubraa" is one of the exclusive traits of the Holy Prophet.
Q 9: What about he who denies "Shafa'a"?
A. Shafa'a is proved by "Ijma'-e-Ummah" (consensus of Muslim scholars). It is vindicated by a number of Quranic verses and a large number of Prophetic sayings. Only a "misguided" can deny it. The intercession which the Holy Quran refutes is of idols and infidels. Infidels, Jews and Christians acknowledged "Shafa'a" but their belief was that the intercessor was all powerful to rescue anyone from Allah's wrath and even idol-worshippers considered their gods and goddesses intercessor with Allah. The Holy Quran has declared such belief of infidels, Jews and Christians "starkly false" and made it clear that none of those whom they worship excepting Allah can intercede for them. Only Allah's loved ones can intercede not those who incur (ed) His wrath.
Allah's wrath will soon overtake these infidels and disbelievers and their supporters. To apply those Quranic verses and Allah's commands which condemn "false belief of infidels and idol-worshippers to Allah's Prophets, saints and His loved ones and to say that nobody can intercede for or advocate anyone is an open opposition to Quran-o-Hadees and tantamount to calumniate Allah and His Prophet and create new "Shari'ah". Intercession of idols and infidels has been condemned by the Holy Quran and of Allah's friends and believers confirmed.


Q 1: What is meant by "Taqdeer"?
A. What good or bad thing happens in the world or what virtuous or evil works His Allah's creation do that all is within His knowledge from eternity and occurs with His will. He has predestined every goodness and badness with His eternal and ancient knowledge i.e. what had to happen or what His creation had to do, Allah knew all that with His Own eternal knowledge and wrote that. So what is in His knowledge and written with Him is called "Taqdeer" (predestination).
Q 2: Is man constrained to do in accordance with Taqdeer?
A. Allah Almighty created humanbeings and provided them with the ears, eyes, hands, legs, tongue etc. and inculcated in them as to how use those. And all the more He endowed them with the best of things i.e. common sense, wisdom which made humanbeing superior to all animals.
Apart from these, Allah Almighty sent His Prophets and Holy Books to make mankind understand those points and things which they could not have comprehended by themselves and thus He made each and every thing clear leaving no room for any excuse at their part.
Similarly, He also graced them with a sort of power, will and option thereby to make humankind "Saahib-e-Iradah" and "Saahib-e-Ikhteyaar" (possessor of a particular free will and one having option) and thus man is not mere an incapable and powerless being. What is the difference between a man and stone. Stone is a lifeless object and bereft of "Iraadah" and "Ikhteyaar". As against this, Allah Almighty has blessed man with these qualities. So how paradoxical it is that the quality which has distinguished humanbeing from a stone is considered to be a cause for his being a lifeless and inanimate object like other inorganic matters.
Q 3: Why will a man be called to account for his actions when he is "Mukhtiar" (Saahib-e-Ikhteyaar)?
A. "Iraadah" and "Ikhteyaar" found in humanbeing are, indeed, creation of Allah Almighty. Thus, these qualities are not ours own but have been delegated to us thereby saving us from going unbridled. It is really unbecoming of a servant of Allah to claim himself to be "independent,self-willed". These partial free will and option granted to man coupled with common sense are the pivot of the commands of Shari'ah in this world and on this basis humanbeings will be called to account for their doings and will be rewarded or chastised as the case may be, in the next world. In short, Allah Almighty has not created man like stone and other lifeless objects but instead He has granted him a partial free will and endowed with brain faculty to differentiate between the good and bad and gain and loss and also provided all necessary paraphernalia which he needs for actions. Hence, he will have to give an account of his doings. It is misguidance to consider oneself either totally incapable or all independent.
Q 4: Is it against "Taqdeer" to make effort for anything?
A. The world is "Aalam-e-Asbaab" (the world of cause and effect/ the world of inter-dependerice). Allah Almighty has created one being/thing for the other and vice versa. It is a divine practice that if there is a cause then it ought to have some effect i.e. there must be a doer or user if there is a thing. Therefore, making efforts or adoption of means to get the requisite thing is not against "Taqdeer" but is in consonance with it. Similarly, to wholly depend on "struggle" forgetting"Taqdeer" reflects the nature of infidels and to consider "struggle" a mere useless thing is also veritable misguidance or sheer lunacy.
The Prophets of Allah had firm belief in Divine destiny but even then they struggled and taught their followers to do so. Prophet David used to make armours and Prophet Moses grazed goats of Prophet Sho'ib on payment for fourteen years which is expounded in the Holy Qur-aan.
Q 5: Can "Taqdeer" be changed or not?
A. What is written on "Lauh-e-Mahfooz" (protected tablet) which is called "Qadaa-e-Mubram Haqiqi" (the real unalterable fate) will never change. If any of the chosen servants of Allah wants to pray to Him in this respect per chance, he is dissuaded from it. However, those injunctions which are written on the books of Angels or on the slates of "Lauh-e-Mahfooz" which are called "Qadaa-e-Mu'allaq" and "Qadaa-e-Mubram Ghair Haqiqi" (fate in suspension/alterable fate) are changed in one's favour either by the blessing of Allah, intercession of the Holy Prophet, by one's supplications or supplications of Allah's saints or by one's service to his parents or by showing kindness to blood relations etc. and are changed disfavourably by commission of sins and tyranny, disobedience to parents and severing ties with relatives etc. For example, one had an age of sixty years in the Angels' book but he revolted against Divine his twenty years are slashed or did virtues twenty years are added to his sixty.
This change was brought about in "Taqdeer" but in fact it were forty years or eighty in the eternal knowledge of Allah and on "Lauh-e-Mahfooz" which had to happen.
Q 6: What about saying that such and such evil was predestined?
A. It is very bad to attribute any evil to "Taqdeer" or to the will of Allah. The injunction to this effect is that one should attribute his good deed to Allah Almighty and evil, if committed, to his ownself.
Q 7: What about arguing over predestined affairs?
A. The affairs of "Qada-o-Qadr" (divine decree,fate) are beyond the attainment of common man. Therefore, these should not be discussed everywhere freely to avert losing one's "Eimaan". Hadrat Siddique Akbar and Hadrat Farooque Azam (may Allah be blessed with them) have forbidden believers to discuss the predestined affairs. So we are nothing to talk about such delicate matters. The belief of Ahle Sunnat in this context is that a man is neither merely incapable being like a stone nor an independent entity but is in a state between the two.
"Taqdeer" (destiny,predestination) is like the sea which has no bottom. It is a dark valley that has no inlet. It is the Divine secret which is beyond human comprehension.