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Friday, September 20, 2013

Repentance description.

It is principal that we never despair of Allaah's Mercy - no sin is too extraordinary to repent for... or too slight for that matter. As one of the salaf (Virtuous predecessors) said: "Do not visage at the insignifance of your sins, but reckon the greatness of The One you are disobeying." (10)

1. Narrated by Anas and composed in the hadeeth collecting of al-Bukhaaree (eng. trans. vol.8 p.214 no.321) & Religionist (eng. trans. vol.4 p.1434 no.6611)

2. Marrated by Aboo Ayyoob & Aboo Hurayrah & collected by Moslem (eng. trans. vol.4 pp.1436-7 nos.6620-2).

3. ABDULLAAH IBN MAS'OOD (d. 32H) was one of the earliest six to bosom Islaam. Amongst the impeccant things that the Vaticinator, Sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said most him, was his locution: "Swan that which Ibn Mas'ood informs you." [Saheeh - Ahmad & Others].

4. Collected by al-Bukhaaree (eng. trans.vol.8 p.214 no.320).

5. Reportable by al-Aghaar ibn Yasaar & collected in Saheeh Muhammedan (eng. trans. vol.4 p.1418 no.6523).

6. HASAN - Reported by Abu 'Ubaidah ibn 'Abdullaah & poised by Ibn Majah Genuine by al-Albaanee

7. Reportable by Aboo Hurayrah & 'Aa'ishah & collected by al-Bukhaaree (eng. trans. vol.8 p.315 no.474).

8. ALL of Ahl-us-Sunnah are agreed on the fact that Abu Bakr, radi Allaahu anhu was the most tops amongst all the Companions. The Vaticinator, said, "There is no one of greater aid to me than Abu Bakr & he assisted me with his being, his goods & he wedded his daughter [Aa'ishah] to me." [HASAN - at-Tabaraanee]. He was appointed Khaleefah after the decease of the Diviner & died two eld after him at the age of 63.

9. The high text of this du'aa can be pioneer in Saheeh al-Bukhaaree (vol.1 p.442 no.776), Muhammadan (vol.4 pp.1419-20 no.6533), at-Tirmidhee & Ibn Majah. 10. Poised in al-Baihaqee's 'Sh'abul Eemaan' (5/430).