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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Reflecting on Surah Nur:58-64 | Quran Reflections



As an adult do I respect other people‘s privacy?

I used to go through my families stuff. I would do this not because I wanted to know what they’re up to but because I would be bored. I’ve stopped doing this as I realize it is wrong.
Being an elder sibling, I do respect my siblings privacy. Sometimes being older I felt like I would have to check to see what my siblings are up to. When it came to that I would check my siblings stuff : like for instance a cell phone which would be in front of me or a diary.
I think I mostly do this with my parents : like we think because they are our parents its ok to read their messages. I realize that it’s wrong. Just as we would want others to respect our privacy we have to learn to respect their privacy. InshaAllah I plan on not  going through anyones stuff, cell phone etc. in the future.

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