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Friday, April 15, 2011

She had an abortion and she did Hajj even though she was still bleeding

She had an abortion and she did Hajj even though she was still bleeding
After I got divorced I had a haraam relationship with another man, which led to zina. I ended this relationship and repented to Allah, then after that I got the opportunity to go for Hajj with my parents who did not know about my sin. But one week before I travelled for Hajj, I found out that I was pregnant and I gave myself an abortion two days before leaving England to perform Hajj. I sincerely regret everything that happened, and I bled for ten days after that but I did not pray during this period which was the length of Hajj. 

I entered ihram but I did not perform ‘umrah, and I remained in ihraam because I did not know when the bleeding would stop. I also did tawaaf al-ifaadah, at which time I was bleeding a little. 

Then we left Makkah and went to Madeenah one week later. Do you think that my Hajj is not valid? 

Do I have to make up the prayers that I missed?.


Praise be to Allaah.


We ask Allah to forgive you
and accept your repentance, because zina is a serious matter and a major
sin, and having an abortion after that is another sin. We ask Allah to keep
us safe and sound.  

But whoever repents, Allah
accepts his repentance. 

We advise you to turn to
Allah, may He be exalted, and to do a lot of acts of obedience and worship,
in the hope that Allah will expiate your previous actions. 


If the abortion took place
before eighty-one days of pregnancy had passed, then the bleeding that
resulted is not regarded as nifaas; rather it is irregular bleeding that
does not prevent one from praying and doing tawaaf. You should have prayed
during these days, and your Hajj in that case is valid; and you have to make
up the prayers that you missed. 

If the abortion took place
after eighty-one days of pregnancy had passed, and there were signs that the
foetus had begin to take shape, then the blood was nifaas, in which case
prayer and tawaaf are not valid. 

But for the person who
lives in a faraway land and cannot wait in Makkah until she becomes pure,
she may do tawaa, according to the more correct opinion. However, for the
one who lives close (to Makkah) or for whom it is not difficult to come
back, or who can wait until she becomes pure, then she should not do tawaaf
if she is still bleeding; rather she should wait, or she should travel and
come back, and her Hajj is valid, except that she remains in ihraam and does
not complete the second stage of exiting ihraam until she comes back and
does tawaaf. 

The second stage of exiting
ihram (al-tahallul al-akbar) is the stage after which it becomes
permissible to have intercourse and to do the marriage contract; a marriage
contract done before that stage is not valid. 

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