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Friday, April 15, 2011

Should she go to the church with her mother to make her happy?

Should she go to the church with her mother to make her happy?
My mother is having health problems and she requested me to go to church and pray for her there that she will gets better since I stopped going to church with her and my father for few months now. When I stopped, they were very upset at first and seemingly like every single Sunday comes up, they expected highly that I would get dressed and go with them, but I never did. So, is it permissible to go to church with the intention just to make them happy, especially my mother?.


Praise be to Allaah.


With regard to a Muslim merely entering a Christian church,
there is a difference of opinion among the scholars. The majority are of the
view that it is forbidden, but some of the Hanbalis said that it is makrooh,
whereas others said that it is permissible. This has been discussed in the
answer to question number 111832,
where we determined that the most correct view is that it is makrooh. 

But we should differentiate between going to churches in
cases where there is no kind of veneration or respect of them and of their
religion, and going to churches in cases where that is the case.  

In the answer to question number
82836, we mentioned some of the
negative consequences involved in going to churches to hold academic
meetings, and we have also pointed out that we should avoid calling people
to Islam in the churches if the aim behind that is to humiliate the Muslim.
See the answer to question number 11232. 

The disapproval of going to churches, or the permission to
enter them, includes those who go there to listen to what they recite of the
distorted Bible or their claim that God has a son, and fabricate laws and
regulations that are not part of the revelation. Rather with regard to these
matters there is no doubt that they are forbidden, and it is not permissible
for anyone to attend these in order to be nice or to please anyone, even if
they are our parents. This has already been quoted from the scholars of the
Standing Committee in the first question referred to above. Entering
churches in such cases is permissible in cases of necessity, such as when a
Muslim is forced to do so in a real sense by another party, whether it is an
individual or a group, that is able to punish him in a manner that he cannot
bear. If he can get out of going to the church, then it is not permissible
for him to continue doing so. 


What we think in your case is that you are not being forced;
rather it is for the purpose of pleasing your parents. Based on that, we do
not think that you should go to the church with them. 

What we advise you to do in this situation is: 

1. Be kind and gentle in your dealings with your parents,
show the greatest respect, take care of them and look after them, especially
your sick mother. By means of this treatment, you can make them forget about
forcing you to go to the church with them, let alone get angry with you for
not going.

2. Give an appropriate excuse which will not make them be
angry with you, such as staying home to study, or to receive a guest or
friend, or other acceptable excuses.

3. Avoid attacking their religion directly, or making fun of
what is said in the church.

4. Try to divert them from going there, whilst offering a
convincing excuse, which is the fact that huge numbers of their fellow
Christians do not go to church. It is better to offer statistics concerning
that, that have to do with your country.

5. Do not fall short in calling them to Islam in a kind
manner, by means of booklets, cassettes, visiting Islamic websites, and
Islamic satellite channels such as the al-Huda channel in English.

6. Be patient and seek reward with Allaah for whatever of
harsh treatment you receive from them, or anger, because of your not going
with them. We ask Allaah to make that weigh heavily in your balance on the
Day that you meet Him.

7. Always say du’aa’ for them to be guided, and seek the good
times for supplication, such as the last third of the night, and strive to
do so in the best of situations for the believer, which is whilst
prostrating in prayer. 

We ask Allaah to help you in your difficulty, and to make you
steadfast in adhering to truth and guidance, and to guide your parents and
honour you with seeing them as Muslims and as believers in the Oneness of
their Lord, may He be exalted, and to admit you all to His Paradise. 

We welcome your correspondence with us and hope to hear good
news from you with your parents. May Allaah decree guidance for them and we
hope to hear this good news. 

And Allaah is the source of strength.

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