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Monday, June 18, 2012

Virtue / Purpose / Benefits of Ramadan Fasting & Function / purpose of Fasting in Ramadan Holy

Mandatory fasting for Ramadan is fasting by law obliged to 'Ain to be done by any person in the month of Ramadan the Islamic faithful who have an adult (legally responsible), sane, capable, independent and not in Safar in accordance with direct orders from God Almighty in His word in us: HolyQur'an. 

Fasting is a religious obligation ofIslam is in harmony with hunger and thirst as well as other matters that may invalidate fasting from dawn until sunset in the east to the west. People who violate the rules of fasting and fasting will be required to replace the void with his fast another day outside romadon. 

God's Word About Fasting Ramadan: 

"O ye who believe, fasting is prescribed for you as obligatory upon the people before you so that you be cautious" 
(Q. S. Al-Baqarah: 183) 

"(It is) in some particular day. And whoever among you is ill or on the road (and then he broke), then (ought to fast for him) as many days that left it on other days. And it mandatory for people tough run (if they do not fast) to pay fidyah, (ie): to feed a poor man. Whoever with liverwillingness to do good deeds, then that's better for him. And fast is better for you if ye but knew. " 
(S. Q. Al-Baqarah: 184). 

(Some days are determined it is) the month of Ramadan, the month in which reduced (early) Al-Qur `an as a guidance for mankind and the explanations of the clues and differentiator (between right and falsehood).Therefore, whoever among you is present (in the country where he lived) in the month, he must fast that month, and those who are sick or in travel (and then he broke), then (ought to fast for him), as many days left on it , on the other days. Allah intends for you ease, and does not want hardship for you. And let you replenish the numbers and let you glorify God for His guidance given to you, that you may be grateful. " 
(Q. S. Al-Baqarah: 185) 


Function / purpose of fasting for one full month in the holy month of Ramadan is very good, which is to increase our devotion to God Almighty Allah who created us. In addition there are also a lot to implement and benefit from fasting for Ramadan is good for physical and spiritual. 

Here are some benefits and the Lessons of Fasting Ramadan: 

1. Make us more godly to Allah SWT. 
2. Obtain abundant rewards. 
3. Giving effect in healthy body and can cure various diseases. 
4. Trains us to hold the depraved lust for life in the mortal world. 
5. Encourages us to always do good. 
6. Can we enter into heaven if we have died. 
7. Exercising patience, self-control, discipline, honesty, emotions, etc.. 
8. Narrowing the road where the blood flow passing demons. 
9. Strengthen our ties with the dawn and breaking fast together. 
10. Eliminating sin among men with a mutual apology-forgiveness in the days Lebaran Idul Fitri back to human nature. 

Here are some virtues of Fasting Ramadan: 

1. Ramadan fasting person who can get into heaven ar-raiyan. 
2. Fasting can be a sin. 
3. People who fasted would get excitement. 
4. Fasting is the antidote. 
5. Get reward from Allah, without a count. 
6. The smell of the mouth of someone who did fasting for Allah SWT smell more fragrant than the smell of musk. 
7. Fasting and the Qur'an intercede. 

Fasting is only compulsory for those who believe in Islam Allah Almighty.If you do not believe, then you are not obliged to fast. Happy Lent pilgrimage for those who run it. Hopefully pol fast and do not forget to practice the intention of fasting before his fast:)

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